Our story.

Rudy en Sophie have been the owners of 'Chocolatier Van Oost' for about 10 years. Notwithstanding, this is the secret of the locals who cherish this adresse as their own sweet secret, the tourists who visits Bruges also appreciate our chocolate shop and our pralines. Although it is no sinicure for those tourists to see the forest through the chocolate trees!

As a chocolate connoiseur, you will pleasantly surprised by the rich variety of aromas that our range offers you.

"We are proud on the pralines, every praline is completely different."

Rudy Timmerman

After his training and obtaining the diploma 'chocolatier' at the Syntra West in Bruges.

Rudy takes the creation of the artisanal pralines on his behalf. Offcourse by analogy to the recipes by the driving force and founder, Robert Van Oost.

Selection of materials.

Our pralines are made in the house in a tradional way with natural quality products.

They are, like our chocolate specialities, only avaiable in our shop our trough our

"Pra-Line" webshop.

"Good quality deserves recognition."

Sophie De Cock

After a career of about 10 years as a saleswoman, she knows the tricks of the trade and is responsible for the daily activity and operation of the 'idyllic chocolate shop'.


We make our own chocolates, they are of good quality. The customer is served in a friendly manner, and that gives us gratitude and recognition.